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Installation Performances, Night Three

Moon Viewing Platform
ASA-CHANG & Junray. 6:16 (sunset)–9 p.m.


Aspect 281
BEEP, directed by Adam Vidiksis. 6–7 p.m. / 8–9 p.m.

Michael Reiley McDermott / 7–8 p.m.


Soon/ Now/ Gone
Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble, featuring Myles Donovan (viola), Julius Masri (electronics, percussion), Anais Maviel (vocals, n’goni), Veronica MJ (violin), Heru Shabaka-ra (trumpet), and Jesse Sparhawk (harp). 8–8:30 p.m.

Hprizm. 8:30–9 p.m.


ASA-CHANG & Junray
ASA-CHANG & Junray make their first appearance in the United States (percussion, voice, trumpet, electronics, violin, guitar, saxophone, flute). This inspirational, measured, and creatively unique trio will celebrate the closing of the platform at the end of the festival.

BEEP (Boyer Electroacoustic Ensemble Project), directed by Adam Vidiksis
Founded in 2013 by Adam Vidiksis at Temple University, BEEP embraces a variety of aesthetics and styles, from EDM to the avant-garde. They function in varied forms: from a laptop orchestra, to fusion of computers and traditional instruments, to an electronic music band. BEEP uses the laptop orchestra model, an ensemble of computer-based meta-instruments, as but one of many possible modes of music making using computers and other electronics.

For their performances at Aspect 281, Vidiksis and BEEP are creating special compositions that relate to railroad communications systems, which anticipate the computer-based communication systems we use today. They will use some of the same source material as artists Carolyn Healy & John JH Phillips have used to create Aspect 281.

Michael Reiley McDermott
“Signal to Noise Meditation” by Michael Reiley McDermott explores electronic textures, technological history, and the relationship between the qualities of signal architecture and the background noise in our day-to-day lives. The piece uses phone operators’ samples (which has a personal connection for McDermott, as his grandmother was an operator for Bell Telephone in Philadelphia from the 1940s to the 1980s), dial-up internet sounds, and sonification of modern-day radio towers, satellites, and Wi-Fi routers using data from and the Architecture of Radio iPad application.

Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble
Erik Ruin will display the full roster of zoopraxiscope images (typically manipulated by attendees) in a brand-new sequential narrative composition that explores the construction and collapse, co-existence and conflict of different strands of time. A special sextet version of his ever-evolving audio-visual ensemble—Erik Ruin’s Ominous Cloud Ensemble—drawn from the finest musicians of Philadelphia and New York’s experimental music scenes, will provide a live semi-improvised score.

Hprizm is known for “Evoking images of Sun Ra and Afrika Bambaataa at once” (Jesse Sewer XL8R Magazine). As the founding member of the critically acclaimed Antipop Consortium, Hprizm has consistently challenged the boundaries of traditional hip-hop, winning the praise of tastemakers across the globe. In the course of his career, spanning nearly a decade, with over 100,000 records sold, Hprizm has shared stages with a wide array of artists ranging from The Roots to Radiohead, Mos Def, and others. As a composer, his pieces have been installed in the Whitney Biennial (NYC) as well as the Mazzoli Gallery (Italy). He’ll be performing a brand new version of his audio-visual piece “Pressure Wave,” which uses amplified resonance of urban spaces and the intersectional space between sonic activism, musique concrète, and rap’s early roots to examine the dense environments and circumstances that birthed hip-hop.